Solar Panel Cleaning

Built up of dirt on your solar panels can reduce the efficiency of your solar power by up to 10%? This could be hundreds of dollars per year!

Solar System Service

$180 for systems up to and including 3kw
(add $35 for double story)

$250 for systems 3.1kw to 6.6kw
(add $55 for double story)

Above 6.6Kw please contact us

Comprehensive Solar Panel System Check

We provide a thorough examination of your solar panel system including:

  • Checking the mountings of the frames and solar panels
  • Cleaning the solar panels
  • Checking the rooftop isolator for any loose connections or water ingress
  • Checking the rooftop isolator operation
  • Checking for loose connections between the solar panels
  • Checking the inverter mountings
  • Checking A/C and D/C isolators for water ingress and loose connections
  • Complete an anti-islanding test.
  • Measure and record open circuit voltage and short circuit current of strings (at the inverter).
  • Checking inverter performance history
  • Checking operation and signage of the shutdown procedure
  • Provide Detailed Report & any recommendations to improve system performance.

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